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What to Expect

  Basically, me just having fun, enjoy this mess if yu're able or piss off, its all the same to me:)

If you take anything give me credit and a link, please. And yes, I do know who you are, but I am a nice guy so will do nothing if you just plain steal anything, its your KARMA. These lines are enclosed in the newest official tags for comments and if you can read them it is either time to upgrade your browser or you are using Netscape which still thinks it is special.

My first form.

Commentary & Some Humor

The Funny Papers:

The Daily Guide to Humor
The Church Of The Sub-Genius
A handilinks to Comics.
ABDUCTEE - The Strip.
A Doonesbury Site.
A Bloom County Site.
Another Bloom County Site.
The Lone Gunman Chronicles.
The AFTERlife.
C/3F What Snooze II.
Marvin the Martian

Ignorance is the base of knowledge,
Stupidity is the mechanic of ignorance."

For those of shallow thought,
this means if you remain ignorant...
Don't expect me to explain everything, but I will answer ANY questions without being a smart-ass.

2nd Comment;
Sure to enflame:
Apple and Netscape both would be out of business now had Microsoft not saved their arses. I hope Gates has learned his lesson.
If they can't compete, let em' die!>
Nothing unfair about being smarter or better!

3rd and last for now while you possibly FUME; Ever wonder why otherwise intelligent people use AOL and other online "services"? Note: If you are using a Mac. with Netscape through an online "service": Before you e-mail me your anger, know this;
There are 3 OFFICIAL HTML <TAGS> that, when used together, will CRASH Netscape consistently no matter what your O.S. And 2 that together will lock-up your MAC.
I have them ready for YOUR reply. If you take that as a serious threat then you really shouldn't be here. I'm not a d*ck.
But if you don't believe me, click here.

LOTS of mistakes.
(This is the site where I test, play
and find out if my HTML is corect correct.)
Keep going and you'll find some good resources.
Cool Stuff (Yes, I have some way cool tiled backgrounds but I kept getting bored with them, wah,wah,wah.)

So, I did this...

A secret message!
<"I recomend yellow (trust me, it looks good) if ya' don't like black".

These are mine! Use them if you want but please give me credit and a link. These lines are enclosed in the newest official tags for comments and if you can read them it is either time to upgrade your browser or you are using Netscape which thinks it is still special.

Or if you know the codes...
Change background color

Such as 99FF66...
This page brought to you in toomuchcolor.
Cooler Stuff

Some stuff that's probably dumb.
Anything else I want, can fit and can get away with.
No top ten lists.
Some advice...
"Go to church or something, dammit! Join a Coven. Join a political party. Start voting. Start making pamphlets. Start reading. Learn how to apply the lessons you've learned. Learn how to communicate. Learn how to ignore the lies of the mass media. Learn how to think. Learn when to stop thinking and start DOING. Learn how to make bombs. Learn that your government doesnt want you to ever start thinking or becoming active. Learn that 'democracy' is rule by the lowest common denominator. Learn the difference between what society says are your 'needs' and your actual requirements. Learn to be honest. Learn to be true to yourself. Learn the difference between capitalism and consumerism. Get a relationship! Get a philosophy! Get a life! Get pro-active. Get lingerie! Get loved. Get fucked. Get laid. Get used to the freedom of the Internet! Get ready for the start of the new millenium. Get ready for the laughing gas. As God might put it: You got here yourself - find your own way back."
Plagiarized and paraphrased with all due respect from the work of South African playwright,
Ian Fraser.

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