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Warning this page is graphically enriched!

What else would you expect on an art page?

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This page is devoted to those artists who are a personal favorite and/or have influenced me.
The following content and links are subject to frequent changes.

Go here for a great and extensive artist's gallery by Carol Gerten-Jackson.

"The first object of the painter is to make a flat plane appear as a body in relief and projecting from that plane." -- Leonardo da Vinci
The DaVinci Exhibit at the WebMuseum, Paris.

A visually appealing site devoted to one of my favorite artists M.C. Escher

Another ESCHER site with many more images at the University of Washington.

FIRE, oil on wood

This one way to A Virtual Exhibition,
or an Exposición Virtual of Master, Francisco Goya.

HELL PARADISE Hieronymus Bosch again at the
WebMuseum, Paris.

Two more of my favorite visual artists are Patrick NAGEL and OLIVIA DeBarardinis.
And since I've moved...
I am allowed here to link you to some respective sights!

A great collection of Patrick Nagel's work could be seen well at The Nagel Shrine.
BOO!! Go here to "NAGEL.COM" see some work and hiss for closing the above site.

This OLIVIA DeBarardinis page is at the Ultimate Airbrush and Fantasy Gallery
More of her work may be seen at ImageNETIon

And of course, ME.

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